BErlin Skeptics on the Skeptic Canary Show

Yours truly will be a guest at this week’s 33nd episode of the Skeptic Canary Show. We’ll talk about German skepticism and Tom’s visit to Berlin.

So tune in live on November 13th, at 8pm CET at Skeptic Canary Show.

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Carl Sagan Day 2013

aka November SitP

Well, we’ve had a couple of Carl Sagan Nights, one less successful than the other. So we are bringing back the better one: a night with Cosmos!!

It’ll be BYOB (for the Germans: man muss seine eigene Getränke mitbringen) and maybe some snacks as well.

Friday, November 29th at 7:30pm

at the studio of Periscope Creative (Urbanstraße 116, 10967 Berlin)

With a big thank you for Tim and Melody for providing the location and organizing the event.


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January SITP

sitpIt is 2013, and we are meeting again. This time on

January, 25th at 7pm

at the Trespassers (Fehrbelliner Str. 94, 10119 Berlin).  If you want to come, please give us a little shout, so we can plan accordingly.

Facebook event

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March Sitp

We are meeting at the Villa Rixdorf in Neukölln at the 30th at 7pm.

The address is Richardplatz 6, 12055 Berlin. The restaurant is in walking distance from either S+U Neukölln or U Karl-MarxStraße. Just take either the Karl-Marx-Platz or Kirchhofstraße from the the Karl-Marx-Straße.

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Places worth a visit II

Berlin and its ‘mountains’

The geography of Berlin is characterized by the glacial series. But within the city limits of the Berlin you can find many more mountains than the post-glacial natural elevations. They are called Trümmerberge – rubble mountains. Continue reading

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Pre- and Post-WSC Skeptics in the Pub

For all those that are arriving early and/or those that are leaving a bit later, we are organizing two social Skeptics in the Pub, or if the weather allows, Skeptics in the Biergarten. So if you are looking for some drinks and food, come by.

Location: Schleusenkrug im Tiergarten

If unexpectedly the Berlin May disappoints, we will have a dry place outside. Though you might wanna bring a sweater.

On how to get there from the Crown Plaza: walk, take the bus to the S + U Zoologischer Garten. Walk along the Hardenbergplatz until you are past all the bus stops and the Bundespolizei, than take the pedestrian street parallel to the raised S-Bahn rails. Just before the locks (“Schleusen” in German) and a bridge you find the beer garden.

Keep to the left of the buiding and take the few stairs down to the covered plateau with benches and tables. Continue reading

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Places worth a visit I

Berlin Medical Historical Museum (BMM)

As the successor of Rudolf Virchow’s famous Pathological Museum the Medical History Museum owns an extensive collection of preserved objects that demonstrate both diseases as well as a historical overview of their treatments.

Continue reading

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