Places worth a visit II

Berlin and its ‘mountains’

The geography of Berlin is characterized by the glacial series. But within the city limits of the Berlin you can find many more mountains than the post-glacial natural elevations. They are called Trümmerberge – rubble mountains.

In the post-war days the bombed out city had one thing in abundance: rubble. So in the following two decades tens of millions cubic meter of material was piled together at several locations within the city. Most of these mountains were founded on unwanted buildings such as a military-technical college and of course the four Flak towers.

The highest of Berlin, the Teufelsberg, is 115m high, about 80m of added height, and was chosen by the Allies of a listening post. It is since been abandoned.

Another is the Humboldthöhe, build on two Flak tours. The French had tried to blow them up, but never succeeded. Since the towers were very close to the rails of the S-Bahn, it was decided to leave them be. They now serve as observation decks. The Bunker tours offer more information about it and a tour into it.

How to get there


Within walking distance from S-Bahn stations Grunewald or Heerstraße. Google Map

Other interesting sights near-by are the Grunewald and the Olympiastation


Within walking distance from S-Bahn stations Gesundbrunnen and Nordbahnhof and U-Bahn station Gesundbrunnen.

Another interesting sight near-by is the Berlin Wall Monument.

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  1. Nice Post – Berlin and its ‘mountains’.

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