Naturkundemuseum Berlin

There will be two guided tours thru Berlin’s Natural History Museum.

Dates: Wed. 16th May 2012 at 11am & 12am

No. of Participants: 15 each

Fees: 7.5€, the fees include the general entrance fee to the museum.

Meeting point: just outside the main entrance

How to get there: There is a U-Bahn stop called ‘Naturkundemuseum‘ two stops North of S + U Friedrichstraße the signs on the platform should point to the Southern exit. There you will leave the station on the crossing Friedrichstraße/Invalidenstraße, turn right into the Invalidenstraße and walk down that street until you reach no. 43. The entrance is quite recognizable due to the flags in front.



3 Responses to Naturkundemuseum Berlin

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  2. K Sturgess says:

    Hi, where do we sign up? 🙂

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