How to get to…

These are general descriptions from the congress hotel, The Crown Plaza, though the last parts are almost universal.

the Natural History Museum

Walk to the S-Bahn station ‘Zoologischer Garten’, enter either the S5 (to Strausberg or Hoppegarten), S75 (to Wartenberg) or the S7 (to Ahrensfelde) due East. Leave at S-Bahn station ‘Friedrichstraße‘ and take the stairs or escalators at the front of the platform than go downstairs to the U6 (to Tegel). It is easier if you enter the U-Bahn at the back of the train. Leave at the station ‘Naturkundemuseum’ via the back end exit, there should also be signs point toward the museum. There you will leave the station on the crossing Chausseestraße/Invalidenstraße, turn right into the Invalidenstraße and walk down that street until you reach no. 43. The entrance is quite recognizable due to the flags in front.

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On how to get around in Berlin for #6wsc12

When it is working, Berlin has a fantastic public transport system. Here are some short suggestions on how to get about.

Most important too, even for Berliners: online search tool where you can search for public transport direction. Type in either a station or and the address.

Ticket info

Berlin and its surrounding area has three fare zones. A all the inner city within the S-Bahn ring, B everything from the ring to the city limits and C from the city limits to about the end of the suburb trains.

For normal sight-seeing you will only need AB tickets. Tegel airport is within zone B; Schönefeld airport in C, so for traveling to the congress hotel you’ll need an ABC ticket.

Tickets are available in single ride (or 2h) and day tickets. When you have more than two single rides a day ticket is the cheaper option. There are also several multi-day ticket that can be an option for intensive sight-seeing. You can by them at the stations or from the bus driver.

More at the transport association.

Before using the ticket, they have to be time-stamped, machines for that can be found on the platforms, in buses and trams or at the entrances to platforms. With a valid ticket you can use all trains and buses.

How to get to the hotel

The congress hotel is close to two well-known buildings/sights, so asking for them will get you back there. Those are the shopping center ‘Europa-Center’ and the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, a bombed out church that has been left as it was as a war memorial.

There are several bus stops around, but even the S-Bahn station  ‘Zoologischer Garten’ is in walking distance.

The image to the left shows the connection of the public transport. Bus are indicated by purple and orange numbers and lines, the underground trains are blue and the S-Bahn in green.

There is an online search tool that can help you find directions as well.

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January SITP

Well it is a bit late, but here is the announcement for this month’s SiTP:

Powwow, Dieffenbachstraße 11, the closest U-Bahn station is U8 – Schönleinstraße

Friday, 27th at 7pm


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Registration open

Registration for the WSC has opened yesterday at Ticketino. HEre you can also register for the Bunker tours on Wednesday and Thursday.

Those wanting to participate in the tours of the Natural History Museum can register on this blog, here.

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Two more Bunker tours

We were able to secure two more “bunker tours”, find more here

Information on the registration will soon follow.

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Oktober SITP

We are returning to the place of our first ever Berlin Skeptics in the Pub, the Berliner Republik, with it’s Bierbörse.Where the market makes the prices for the beer.

Reservations have been made for Friday, Oct. 28th at 7pm.

The restaurant is easy to find and as central as possible, just across the Spree from the S Friedrichstraße.

We will be collecting ideas about the fringe events for the World Skeptics Congress.

Facebook event

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New Fringe Events

We have secured the first bunker tour for the WSC Fringe. it’ll take 20 guests into one of the remaining Flak Towers of Berlin.

More here.


There will also be two guided tours thru the Natural History Museum.

More here


All tours will be in English!!!

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