Registration Fringe Events

The Registration for the fringe events will be purely: first-come, first-served.

Registration for the two tours in the Natural History Museum (NHM) will be available here.

Registration for the Bunker tours only through the WSC website.

Naturkundemuseum Berlin

There will be two guided tours thru Berlin’s Natural History Museum in English. Though if all participants are German, a German-speaking tour can be organized.

Dates: Wed. 16th May 2012 at 12am

No. of Participants: 15 each

Fees: 7.5€, the fees include the general entrance fee to the museum.

Meeting point: just outside the main entrance

What you can register for:

Wednesday, May 16th:


  • 12am: Natural History Museum (7.5€, on site)

Please be on site at least 15min before the starting time. Late-comers will not be able to participate.


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